Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is currently not allowed to sail out. We can therefore not yet give any clarity when the first cleanup dive will take place. You can register, of course, if it is allowed to sail, we will keep you informed!

Upcoming cleanup dives!

04/05/2020 – Project Aware (Adabanko) Canceled by COVID-19
01/06/2020 – Project Aware (Adabanko) Canceled by COVID-19
06/07/2020 – Project Aware (Adabanko) Canceled by COVID-19
03/08/2020 – Project Aware (Adabanko)
07/09/2020 – Project Aware (Adabanko)
05/10/2020 – Project Aware (Adabanko)
02/11/2020 – Project Aware (Adabanko)
07/12/2020 – Project Aware (Adabanko)

What do I have to know?

A time for the dive will be determined no later than 7 days before the dive. This way we can see a little bit at what time of the day it is best to sail out.

Kuşadası Diving Center volunteers for Project Aware. Of course there are costs when sailing out of the boat. We therefore want to ask all divers who register to make a small contribution to at least cover the cost of the boat!

Sign Up for a cleanup dive!

After receiving the registration you will receive an email from us with a confirmation of registration and further information, we try to send it within 72 hours!

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